The JACOB’S EYE team is a collection of industry experts, who in aggregate, have worked with the world’s biggest brands and organizations. We are strategically grounded, creatively driven, and data influenced, providing new and innovative solutions that respond to our clients needs.

Campaign Development

Most importantly, we must first hear from our clients. Employing innovative and tested discovery methods, we spend considerable time ensuring we fully understand our client’s needs, objectives and the audience they intend to reach. Then, especially since we’re a data-driven media communication firm, we look to the numbers. Evaluating relevant research in hopes to uncover the story they’re telling – that, along with analyzing various nuances that align with what’s trending in the market place to establish our baseline. From there, we start working to ensure the brand, logo and messaging personify all the attributes and call-to-actions our clients desire.

Creative Design

More than pretty pictures, design provides the visual cues that tell your brand story. We focus on design that works, so the images we create are more than just compelling – they compel audiences to take action. That’s because our designers work shoulder-to-shoulder with project managers, copywriters and brand stewards, so your goals and messaging come to life in every piece of creative we develop. And as the world’s gone online, social, mobile and viral, our developers, digital project managers, information architects and user-experience experts keep us plugged in to the latest trends and technology, but we stay grounded by keeping our eyes on your brand success. Our process looks first at your needs and your audience’s needs, and then develops the tools that will extend your brand experience and maximize your ROI.

Consumer Engagement

After the branded content and marketing collateral is stunning and target audience designed, we shift our focus to the conversation. A conversation that’s geo-targeted, influencer led, crosses multiple platforms and is full of touch points that engender emotional connection for all those within our sights. Having marketed and advertised for many communication initiatives, our specific approach will maximize the return of investment (ROI) our client-stakeholders yearn for.


Today’s business leaders must be savvy communicators wherever they go. The problem is, not all business leaders are born for prime time. We can create proactive and reactive crisis messaging that will resonate with antagonists, stakeholders, influencers and media. With our media coaching, your spokespeople will be prepared to communicate those messages under pressure. None of our coaching is “cookie-cutter” – every session is created to address specific corporate and individual communication challenges.

Our Brand System

Branding Logo

Research and Design of Identification Symbol to be utilized on Organization, Team, Company, Branding Campaign and all Communication Platforms.

Branding Campaign Guidelines

Design Style Guidelines, Mood board and Brand Personality for Organization, Team and/or Company Symbol – how the brand looks in a business suit vs. athletic clothing per say. Establish a differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. Also, this is where we police the brand, building a unified and consistent message across all organization platforms.

Communication Platforms

Here, we go a step further offering a deep dive into how audiences engage with your brand in a way that captures their attention, generates memorable engagement and calls them to action. There are various promotional methods and platforms that we reinforce strategic applications of brand identity and awareness with the goal of impacting a variety of communication disciplines, while providing brand clarity, consistency, and maximization of overall communication impact.

Our Clients