Jacob’s Eye Asset Development Firm

Our Mission

Jacob’s Eye Asset Development Firm was grown out of the needs of both public and private client-partners to provide new approaches that maximize the value and utility of their real estate assets, along with various economic & community capital project interests that resonate with our client-partners’ revenue goals.

Overall, our Mission is to provide strategic real estate development expertise to our client-partners with specific and measurable strategies that maximize the value of their capital assets.

Public and Private Client-Partners 

Through research and collaborative “brain storming” with trusted and proven developers, real estate experts, economic & community leaders, as well as marketing and public relation innovators, we can create and improve the value of existing capital assets in many industries. Whether client-partners are looking to expand, acquire, reposition or uncover hidden real estate assets & holdings, we create strategies that drive property values to new heights and bring fresh usability to the communities that undergird them.

Our Services

  • Research & Needs Assessment
  • Design, Planning & Programming
  • Public Relations, Marketing & Community Affairs
  • Strategic Partnerships (Public, Private & Non-Profit)
  • Contract Negotiation & Agreement Development
  • Financing (Conventional, Public & Private)
  • Project Management

In addition to the above, we’re able to provide comprehensive economic development services that provide unique services specifically tailored to the needs of each client and project. Using the power of collaboration and strategic analytical tools, we will add extensive value to our client’s organization and achieving their goals.


More or less, the entire Fresh District mixed-use destination development is to establish and sustain an agricultural hub that promotes agriculture innovation and education in amazing new ways! This public/private partnership will provide memorable positive consumer experiences surrounding the food we eat, how it’s grown, processed and distributed. What’s more, as we highlight huge strides in technology and agricultural automation in Georgia, the promotion of various agricultural career & economic development opportunities will surface organically, and the demand for fresh & local Georgia Grown products is bound to skyrocket.