Sometimes you need to use multiple senses to fully appreciate a brand.  We create and execute both niche and total market activations, from a sidewalk presence to occupying an entire city block.  We’ve even been known to take a show on the road for clients.

Additionally, we live in a world of instant news fed by citizen journalists and covered by time-strapped media. Social media channels can provide a soapbox for disgruntled employees and customers. As a result, situations that threaten your business and reputation can happen at any time in any industry. We protect our clients’ reputations as fiercely as our own. We can help you keep small issues from boiling over into big ones, and we’ll get you through the heat when unexpected situations hit the front burner.

Regarding PUBLIC HEALTH COMMUNICATION, we use various communication strategies and messages to best meet the needs of the community with culturally appropriate public health information and materials. Our Health communication may include public meetings, fact sheets, media support, translation, etc. as we develop outside-the-box strategies and take to the streets with marketing that not only creates awareness but changes attitudes and behavior.


Print & Digital – More than pretty pictures, design provides the visual cues that tell your brand story. We focus on design that works, so the images we create are more than just compelling – they compel audiences to take action. That’s because our designers work shoulder-to-shoulder with project managers, copywriters and brand stewards, so your goals and messaging come to life in every piece of creative we develop.

Multimedia – Our team knows how to package great ideas, smart messaging and top research into ads that tell the stories you want and produce the results you need. And with a deep bench of Emmy Award winning creative producers, directors, writers and media strategists, we take ideas seamlessly from storyboard to billboard, from brainstorm to social storm.

Events – As a full-service marketing firm, JE is a one-stop shop for event design, planning and execution needs. But what really makes us different, is that we help our clients think through how every event – no matter how big or small – fits into their larger brand awareness design and overall business strategy. We understand that an event doesn’t end when your last guest leaves; it’s a launch pad for building relationships with your target audiences.

Furthermore, we’re passionate about RETAIL MARKETING and we’re focused on helping our clients thrive in the rapidly evolving retail marketplace. We apply our experience and expertise in retail to address urgent and critical business issues. We build strategies that identify high-value opportunities that connect with shoppers. We create compelling, relevant, and sustainable brands that grow sales and engender loyalty.


Who are your stakeholders and influencers? Where are they online, and how should you reach them? What are your competitors doing? These are all questions we answer to drive your strategy and define a baseline for success.

Knowing the rules of branding have changed, and that brands are defined just as much by the audience as they are by their C-suite, we work to foster a two-way conversation between companies and customers. We work with you to influence and amplify your brand story. Our process starts with a comprehensive evaluation that digs deep into your goals, audiences, industry and more. From there, we develop all the pieces that shape the story you want to tell. As connectors and storytellers, that’s what we do. Our expertise lies in our ability to connect you to the people and organizations that need to know your story, and our arsenal of elite professionals have mastered this ability for your brand’s benefit.

What is RECRUITMENT MARKETING one may ask? Well, we like to put it this way – you can’t have great hires or prospective students without great applicants, and you can’t have great applicants without great leads. Every successful organization has a sales function and marketing function. And we believe every modern recruiting organization needs both recruiting and recruitment marketing functions to successfully attract talent in today’s competitive market. Our platforms are purpose-built to automate, manage and measure everything you do to find, attract, engage, nurture and convert pre-applicants into applicants.