Andrea marketing director

A Win for Andrea Is a Win for All

JacobsEye Marketing Director Andrea Gils Monzón has been recently appointed to the Board of Directors for the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the world’s largest public relations organization. Through commendable work in diversity, equity and inclusion, Andrea’s impact earned her this prestigious position as a leader of over 21,000 members.

For our clients, particularly in law enforcement recruitment marketing, Andrea is a unique asset. Her well-rewarded experience and skills are reflected in her ability to replace biases with progressive attitudes. Her marketing success is based on diversity and unity, a much-welcomed approach in law enforcement today. 

“My personal mission is to help bias-proof the world,” Andrea said. “Recruitment marketing is an ideal outlet. It allows me to enlighten others with messaging that counteracts biases, some of which they harbor unknowingly.”

How This Translates in the Day-to-Day

Andrea approaches her days fueled by a passion to make a positive difference. The current state of law enforcement requires this ongoing support of fresh, positive PR. Navigating through this turbulent national discourse, particularly in the police arena, provides extensive opportunities for Andrea. Through insightful strategies, she helps people—candidates and recruiters alike—become aware of biases in themselves and the industry. Her work includes a continuous focus on overcoming these challenges with strategy, messaging and creative concepts that counter it.

Andrea’s Toolbox

From the creation of the PRSA’s Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit (including a Spanish translation) to helping the organization’s response efforts concerning tragic incidents like George Floyd, Andrea has acquired a sensitive, relevant approach to marketing. With foresight based on research, data and experience, she cultivates marketing campaigns that anticipate changes and proactively address issues. Knowing the pain points of law enforcement, her work focuses on developing a safe counter-culture that provides positive insights and attracts a broader range of interest. 

Andrea’s PR efforts have helped the nation overcome major setbacks involving such issues as race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexuality, health and hate politics. She knows how to approach difficult topics to gain an authentic understanding of today’s problems in law enforcement. (One of her most noteworthy projects at the PRSA was the launch of the Diverse Dialogues panel series having reached over 8K communications professionals to date.) As a subject matter expert in the truest sense, her marketing efforts effectively resonate with the industry. So much so that her leadership and Committee’s work was recognized by PRNews’ CSR & Diversity Awards in 2021.

With team members like Andrea, we at JacobsEye develop strategies to attract tactical individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Our approach succeeds in engaging and recruiting, in spite (and perhaps even because) of surrounding controversies.  

“I’m naturally inquisitive,” Andrea said. “I like to study people. I learn their motivations and needs, and then create opportunities like a position in law enforcement as a solution for them.”

Let’s Continue the Dialogue

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