At Jacob’s Eye, we employ innovative and tested discovery methods to ensure we fully understand our client’s needs, objectives and the audience they intend to reach. Then, especially since we’re a data-driven media communication firm, we look to the numbers. Evaluating relevant research in hopes to uncover the story they’re telling – that, along with analyzing various nuances that align with what’s trending in the market place to establish our baseline.

From there, Jacob’s Eye starts working to ensure the brand, logo and messaging personify all the attributes and call-to-actions our clients desire.  We ask our employees questions pertaining to their experience and desires to help us match an individual to each individual job task required of them. We’re very clear with each employee about all the information connected to the task, to include: Job Completion Expectations, Job Delivery, Feedback & Approvals, etc. We step back and give our employees the freedom to work and get the tasks done applying their ingenuity – fostering task ownership and performance pride that helps us increase our desired outcomes.

Jacob’s Eye has a built-in process to develop and track production budgets, evaluate creative and manage timelines.  Just like we start our campaigns with the end in mind, we start our relationships with our clients the same way. We like to demonstrate we have experience and that we want to ensure our process is organized, stream-lined, tested and nimble to work within their guidelines. We want our clients to have an excellent experience with each campaign and our internal process starts with that at the beginning, thinking through each phase so we deliver excellent service and marketing outreach.


Our unique strategies and tactics attract and engage talent with exemplary results of acquisition.


We excel in awareness campaigns with an effort to focus on the goods and services of our clients.


We specialize in public health campaigns, health education with influence on personal health choices.