be transparent

Be Transparent

When managing a law enforcement recruitment campaign, focus on authenticity. Negative messages are out there. Many are exaggerations. Some are truthful. Rather than talk around these concerns, directly address them. 

When crafted properly, honesty is appealing and instills confidence. Your candidates will learn the reality of the job eventually. Help them make a more meaningful and (importantly) lasting commitment by being transparent. 

A Day in the Life

Think beyond the traditional approach and dialogue. For example, embrace potential mentors in your department who can provide firsthand experience and use their input to create messages that resonate with today’s candidates and their needs. This allows you to develop authentic messages that highlight positive aspects of the job while addressing common concerns. 

In addition to capturing a unique point-of-view, you’ll also boost the morale of team members involved in the process. Perhaps you will even gain a better understanding of your current staff’s needs, strengths and weaknesses.

A Dialogue JacobsEye Knows

With our roots in law enforcement and the military, we understand the need to continuously reinforce trust between police and the community. Often, it’s necessary to overcome narratives passed down through generations—combating stereotypes stuck on both sides. At JacobsEye, we know the messages that need to be heard. And we know how to disseminate them. 

Let’s do this: