All Hands On Deck

Our diverse team of strategists, researchers, designers, copywriters, video production pros, content managers, events staff and media buyers are ready to transform your challenge into a solution. 


To slay the dragon, one must know the dragon. The Research and Strategy teams at Jacob’s Eye explore your market’s unknowns and customers’ passion points to define the who, the what, the how and, most importantly, the why. Great campaigns start here.


Ferocious. Stunning. Purposeful. You could use these words to describe the work that the award-winning designers, producers and writers at Jacob’s Eye execute everyday for clients such as the Air National Guard. You’d also be right.

Marketing & Tech

Building a brand—at least one that lasts—is not a one and done exercise. It takes multiple channels and a cohesive approach to raise awareness, build affinity and make sales. As a full-service agency, Jacob’s Eye offers web development, analytics, social media management, events management and more.


When we say Jacob’s Eye is diverse, we really mean it. Not only does this team have substantial agency and client-side experience, it also has publishing and media tech expertise. That means experienced talent adept at uncovering the unknown and reaching your target market.