Delano Massey, CEO of JacobsEye Marketing Agency, Honored with “Give Back” Award by Entrepreneurs’ Organization Atlanta

JacobsEye CEO Delano Massey presented with “Give Back” Award at the Atlanta Leaders in Corporate Citizenship Awards ceremony.

ATLANTA – JacobsEye Marketing Agency announced today that CEO Delano Massey was honored with the “Give Back” Award by Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Atlanta.  The award was presented to Massey at the Atlanta Leaders in Corporate Citizenship Awards ceremony.  The “Give Back” award highlights business leaders that have created impactful and innovative approaches to creating positive change in 2019.

“I would like to thank Entrepreneurs’ Organization Atlanta for this prestigious award,” said Delano Massey, CEO, JacobsEye Marketing Agency. “Since I started my career as an entrepreneur, my passion has always centered on giving back to the communities we serve.  Through my work with The Fresh District, I have been fortunate to provide communities throughout the metropolitan Atlanta region with resources to advance fresh and local food systems and sustainable nutritional practices.  I look forward to continuing this important work to ensure that every Georgia resident has access to safe, nutritious and affordable food.”

In addition to his role as CEO of JacobsEye Marketing Agency, Massey founded The Fresh District.  Since its inception, The Fresh District has focused on raising awareness on the importance of Georgia-grown agriculture and nutrition to communities across Georgia.  To date, The Fresh District has partnered with the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta United, City of Atlanta, UGA, Georgia Grown and the Georgia Aquarium to provide resources on where to buy fresh, local, and sustainable foods. 

Most recently, The Fresh District hosted the first-ever Georgia Seafood Festival in November 2019.  The festival drew more than 12,000 attendees and featured interactive educational experiences sponsored by the Georgia Aquarium and UGA Marine Extension.  The event celebrated Georgia’s thriving commercial seafood industry and raised awareness on the importance of access to fresh, sustainably-sourced seafood.



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