Delano Massey – CEO

At 18, we all have questions about life. Should I go to college? Join the military? Start my own business? Decisions, decisions.

For Delano, it was yes, yes and yes.

“On my 18th birthday, I went to the courthouse to secure my first business license,” Delano says. “I’ve been in business for myself ever since then.”

That’s through a distinguished JAG career in the U.S. Army and five earned degrees.
Since then, he’s founded two agencies and a non-profit and has had a long career in entertainment production. He was also a finalist in the Best Veteran Entrepreneur category in the 2018 Small Business Person of the Year Awards.

Don Dixon – COO

During Don’s 40-plus-year advertising and marketing career—which includes Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi Marketing Services, head of Sports & Entertainment at Anheuser-Busch, Atlanta CMO and more—he’s developed a few time-tested rules to live by: 

  • Never start a meeting with good news.
  • Never ask anyone to do something you haven’t done or wouldn’t do yourself.
  • Never pass up an opportunity for an obscure Mad Men reference.

You want brands? Don’s experience fills nearly every letter of the alphabet, even X (Xerox) and Y (Yoo-hoo). He’s also sold global sponsorships, managed celebrity endorsements and even worked on a hair restoration product…to no personal benefit we might add. 

Ron Perry – Sr. Account Manager

It all started in 8th grade. That’s when Ron took a medieval history class and heard the term “Renaissance Man.”

Since then, he’s been an aircraft mechanic, recruiter, pilot, logistics manager, chief financial officer, CEO, marketer, software developer and an advertising executive—both in the military and as a civilian.

At Jacob’s Eye, Ron’s role is equally diverse. He’s the senior account manager for the marquee Air National Guard account, handles much of the finance and is in charge of research and strategy. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Because of that stupid class, my tendency has always been to master new things,” Ron says. “That’s why this role is perfect for me. I get to deal with creatives, IT people, finance people, clients and everyone—and everything—in-between.”.