Recruitment Messaging

Optimize Your Recruitment Messaging

With the right messaging, you can attract qualified individuals who are ready to commit—even in the current market. Consider these tactics to resonate with potential hires in today’s law enforcement arena.

Rethink Best Intentions

Much has changed in law enforcement over the past year. Take inventory of your content. Ensure your messages remain applicable. More importantly, view them from a perspective that is sensitive to current hot buttons. 

One person’s perception of a police officer “making a difference” may be another’s interpretation of white saviorism. Avoid postings that may be interpreted as whites heroically knowing what is best for communities of color. Although the act depicted may be genuinely altruistic, it may not be unequivocally well-received. Consider this insight when crafting your messages. 

Show Reality

Combat misconceptions with an accurate representation of a career in law enforcement. Physical altercations, ongoing danger, and violent confrontations sell news. The day-to-day reality of law enforcement is far less lethal. Sensationalism may sell stories, but it doesn’t necessarily promote careers in police work. 

Qualified candidates want a law enforcement career in order to serve others, not for the exaggerated portrayals found in cop shows. Recruitment campaigns should focus on real people, community policing, and the perks of a life in service to others. 

Amplify the Positive

Work-life balance is possible. Although nightly family dinners aren’t always manageable, being present at other times is. Shift work may allow attendance at after-school sports events, off-peak midweek day trips, and homework help. Co-parenting may be easier when helped by logistics of working non-business or non-school hours. Schedules once considered a challenge for family life has become more of an asset in today’s lifestyle. 

Focus messaging on the benefits of these aspects, some of which were once considered drawbacks. Communicate the perks of a unique work-life balance, along with other positives. Patrol car, anyone? How about free public transportation? Little things make a day-in-the-life more enjoyable.

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