Air National Guard

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Air National Guard

What Matters

If the Air National Guard does not reach its recruiting goals for critical positions the security of the United States is compromised and the ANG will not have the resources to help Americans during emergencies


The primary challenge with this $112M account was the fact that the ANG had not advertised for almost 3 years and brand/service awareness was below  all other branches of the military making it difficult to attract new enlistees in critical skills


JacobsEye used experiential activations and signature large-scale events to increase awareness of the Air National Guard and inspire and attract new members to the service. Our efforts included TV, radio, print and digital advertising; media buying and planning; social media and content creation for multiple channels, call-center establishment and management, email marketing,


Through our targeted efforts, the Air National Guard accomplished its recruitment goals for the year. It was the only military branch to do so in 2019. Additionally, brand awareness tripled nationally, even though a majority of the marketing support was targeted toward audiences within 50 miles of a base.

 Delivered 4.7B+ impressions – 188% to goal

Drove over 4.1 million new web users in the first year

Delivered 78,000+ recruitment leads within first 10 months

Reduced cost per engagement by 40% each quarter

Generated over 657,000 organic searches

All YouTube video ads achieved a minimum of 1 million completed views within 30 days

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