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Feed Me Fashion

Our modern, high-tech lifestyle has created a growing divide between agriculture producers and urban consumers; people simply don’t know the sources of their foods or clothing. Are they natural or synthetic? Sustainable? Organic? Energy-efficient? These are hot buttons among younger consumers, yet the information is not readily available. Feed Me Fashion brought in JacobsEye to help with the education element, which could benefit both consumers and producers for generations. 

Looking for an efficient and impactful way to reach a millennial audience, JacobsEye identified the event – Coachella, the three-day music and arts festival in California. Taking advantage of the sustainability movement in food and Fashion, we delivered multiple activations to Coachella attendees, including interactive surveys. We also created a promotional video, “Fashion From the Ground Up!” – for social media, email distribution, and blogs – which combined the story of farming with the world of high fashion.

Our engagement with thousands of millennials immediately created a greater demand for environmentally sustainable agriculture, food transparency, and other food issues. Awareness was created as to the origins of clothing – denim jeans from cotton, pearls from the sea, leather from cattle, etc. This developed a greater appreciation for the agriculture industry among an audience that previously had not given the industry a second thought.