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Fulton County (GA) Department of Education
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Fulton County Schools Text4Help Program

What Matters

Fulton County schools are encountering a mental health crisis among students, and the county’s Text4Help service is a unique program that confidentially connects affected students to a licensed psychiatrist. However, it has suffered from a lack of awareness which significantly limits its effectiveness.


Increasing knowledge of the Text4Help program and its affiliated services for parents and students is the most important goal of the project and one that JacobsEye takes very seriously.


JacobsEye has developed separate targeted campaigns for middle and high school students. Included with the campaigns are internal and external communication plans, turn-key ambassador/community partnership program options, and a compelling signage and marketing toolkit.


Initial focus group testing has produced extremely positive results among students for the service’s relevancy, usage, influence and need. Text4Help officially launches in February of 2020.

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