Fulton County (GA) Schools

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Fulton County Schools Text4Help Program

Fulton County Schools was experiencing a disturbing increase in mental health issues among its students, including a tragic rise in student suicides. As a result, the school system had developed a unique program to enable students to reach out for help with licensed clinicians confidentially. But the program suffered from a lack of awareness, limiting its effectiveness.

With JacobsEye’s history of helping educate and support youth, this problem is personal. We developed separate targeted campaigns for middle and high school students to support the program. The campaigns included internal and external communication plans, turnkey ambassador/community partnership program options, and a compelling signage and marketing toolkit.

Initial focus group testing produced extremely positive results among students for the service’s relevancy, usage, influence, and need. After a delay due to the COVID pandemic, the school system is now rolling out the program across its campuses.

High School Print/In-School Posters

Middle School Print/In-School Posters