Girls Who Rule The World

Girls Who Rule The World
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Girls Who Rule The World


Underserved and marginalized, young minority girls often go without mentorship or personal encouragement from people they respect. Girls Who Rule the World (GWRTW) is a program of the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation designed to expose these girls to the benefits and importance of positive self-image, responsible conduct and respect for self. They brought in JacobsEye to create an ongoing event that would give these girls the guidance they crave.


We produced a series of mentoring camps across the country, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Detroit. At these high-energy, high-positivity events, JacobsEye and GWRTW were able to introduce thousands of deserving young girls to highly successful leaders, like the first African-American 2-Star U.S. Army General, Miss USA, celebrity actresses, celebrity athletes and more. Workshop topics included Sex Teen Drama, Real Money Answers for Teens and Love What You Got.


Each girl exposed to our program walked away standing taller, feeling more confident and full of hope. One by one, we turned these young ladies into lions, ready to fiercely pursue a new future of success. As each yelled out in their new GWRTW pledge, “I am beautiful! I am bold! I am confident! I am courageous! I am powerful beyond measure! I am a girl who rules the world!”