Juvenile Court of Fulton County

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Project Highlights

Modernizing the User Experience of Fulton County’s Juvenile Court Website.

Project Highlights

The Juvenile Court of Fulton County, centered on its mission of “One court. One family. One community,” serves as a beacon of support and rehabilitation for children and families. However, the existing website did not adequately represent their noble mission or cater to the diverse needs of its stakeholders, including youths, caregivers, and community partners.

JacobsEye was commissioned to redesign the JCFC website, ensuring it was mobile-friendly, intuitive, and aligned with the unique journeys of its various users. The overarching goal was to encapsulate the Court’s mission and values, while also enhancing user journey, SEO, and overall site performance.

To bring this vision to life, JacobsEye embarked on a meticulous process of discovery and planning. Our process included UX and benchmark research, SEO research and strategy, positioning, etc. Our solution was not just a website redesign but a transformation of the JCFC website user experience.

Our approach
was multi-faceted

UX Research: Delved deep into understanding the needs, behaviors, and challenges of the website’s users to inform our design decisions.

UX Design: Crafted a user-friendly interface tailored to provide a seamless and intuitive digital experience.

AI Integration: Implemented an AI-driven chatbot capable of surfacing relevant information based on visitor queries, offering immediate assistance and guidance.

Language Support: Integrated a feature allowing for on-the-fly translation of the website to Spanish, ensuring accessibility to a broader audience.


Enhanced User Experience: A responsive, mobile-friendly design tailored to the unique needs and journeys of its diverse stakeholders.

Old Mobile UI

New Mobile UI

AI-Powered Interactions: The chatbot not only aids in immediate query resolutions but also elevates the overall user engagement.

Language Inclusivity: Spanish translation ensures that the Spanish-speaking community can fully engage with the Court’s resources and services.

Improved SEO: A notable jump in the SEO authority score from X to X, amplifying the website’s visibility and reach.

The Impact

The Juvenile Court of Fulton County’s new digital platform stands as a testament to the power of integrating thoughtful design with cutting-edge technology. With JacobsEye’s holistic approach, the website now serves as a dynamic, interactive, and inclusive portal that resonates with its audiences and fosters deeper community engagement. The emphasis on user experience, combined with AI and language support, has transformed the site into a versatile tool that truly embodies the Court’s mission.