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The National Institute for Health
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That's Not Cool - Anti-Bullying Campaign

What Matters

Online bullying has risen to near epidemic levels and has become a national crisis, with countless students suffering extreme emotional stress and even succumbing to suicide.


The National Institute for Health approached JacobsEye to create a campaign which targeted preteens and teens to educate them about the serious consequences of cyberbullying.


We used a communications and event-based campaign and created a toolkit that showed kids how to identify and confront cyberbullying. The kit included “counter texts” that helped to call out abusive behavior. Our program recruited 800 teen ambassadors who helped victims of cyberbullying through online chat sessions, in-school events and experiential displays in 40 cities.


Over 25,000 texts and emails were received by at-risk kids who stated that the instances of bullying had lessened after the campaign launched in their communities.