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Truth Anti-Smoking Campaign

What Matters

In the early parts of the 2000’s, teen use of tobacco was on the rise. Starting to smoke before the age of 16 increases the likelihood of continuing into adulthood by over 300%. This dramatically increases the risk of cancer and heart disease and reduces life expectancy.


JacobsEye took on the challenge to produce a campaign that would reduce teen use of tobacco and spread the word about the threat it poses.


Our team enlisted the aid of teen “Truth Riders” to engage with kids in 200 US cities. Using interactive exhibits, these events exposed the dangers of smoking through dramatic and impactful messaging. Local TV, radio and sports personalities helped encourage youth to take an anti-smoking pledge during the events. The campaign was supported by video-sharing websites; print, TV, radio and online advertising; social media integration; and grassroots outreach through summer and fall tours.


According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, within four years of launching, the Truth campaign was responsible for preventing approximately 450,000 teens from smoking. In addition, Truth paid for itself by the third year and reduced the medical costs to the country by as much as $5.4 billion.