United States Secret Service

Branding, Poster Art, Social Media, Video.

United States Secret Service

The United States Secret Service (USSS) is the world standard for security services, so those who work for them must be of the highest caliber in every regard. JacobsEye spearheaded a challenging recruitment effort—to find the right people with the right qualifications to join this elite team as Special Agents and Uniformed Division Officers. And we had to accomplish this within the 2020 COVID pandemic, which had eliminated the USSS’s most successful recruiting tool, face-to-face job fairs.

With no time to lose, we jumped into action and created a ‘sprint’ media plan and flooded geo-targeted markets with digital media and video pre-roll. Paid search, audio streaming, video, and direct buys followed shortly after. In addition, we provided a complete social media campaign plan and designed and placed advertisements in 15 highly-targeted print publications.

The results were impressive and almost immediate. The first month’s average daily applications increased 65% and 90% over the prior year for Special Agents and Uniformed Division Officers, respectively. As our campaign media plans build momentum, the Secret Service looks well-positioned to achieve the recruitment targets it needs to fulfill its no-fail mission.