U.S. Veterans Affairs

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Case Study

Project Highlights

Helping those who served our country take advantage of their government-provided healthcare benefits.


VA offers our Veterans access to broad healthcare options. However, many Veterans are unaware of these options and don’t take advantage of their honorably earned offerings.

JacobsEye, a Veteran-owned company, was asked to help increase awareness among Veterans in northern Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. areas and encourage them to take action to use their healthcare benefits. Special focus was placed on those who’ve applied for yet not used VA healthcare.

To do this, JacobsEye created the Every Veteran Should Apply marketing campaign.

The marketing effort consisted of a series of direct mail and email pieces designed to reach and educate Veterans on the benefits of using VA services and health care providers and keep VA top of mind for Veterans in need of healthcare.


  • 3,969 Calls, remarkably exceeding the VA’s goal
  • 1733% ROI. The VA receives funding by the government based on the number of Veterans it serves. This funding covers the cost of services the VA provides to Veterans. JacobsEye’s strong  ROI  provided significant funding for Veterans health benefits at a very modest cost. Now that’s Marketing That Matters!


Front View of Mailer - Veterans Affairs