3 Recruitment Success Musts

Recruitment marketing in the law enforcement segment has its challenges in today’s landscape. Through our collective experience and relentless determination, we’ve managed to succeed in achieving our clients’ hiring goals, despite some harsh realities. Our chief strategy officer, Don Dixon, provides high-level ideas to jumpstart your recruitment process.

Don’s background includes an impressive history with companies like Coca-Cola, Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi Marketing Services Worldwide. As head of marketing and partnerships at the City of Atlanta, Don generated over $5 million in revenue and public works, revitalizing the city’s recruitment marketing efforts. Add to that, Don’s dedication at JacobsEye where he has been instrumental in recruitment marketing efforts, especially for clients such as the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Air National Guard. 

With people like Don on the team, success in recruitment marketing is not hindered by current trends and misconceptions. As a seasoned industry veteran, he shares some of that long-acquired knowledge with us.

  • Know Marketplace Dynamics

Things have changed drastically in the law enforcement arena, particularly over the past six months. Through research and continuous dialogue with industry leaders, learn how to determine quality candidates who are ready to commit. JacobsEye uses proprietary tools to hone in on the best individuals for the job. Just as important, learn how to convince those potentials that a career in law enforcement is the right path for them.

  • Be the Resource

Keep messaging simple. Use all of today’s tech outlets to start a conversation and spread awareness. Think: social media, email, podcasts. Combat the negative stories that fuel law enforcement perception issues. False perceptions often can be overcome with a simple statistic. For example: Despite recent history, only five Capitol Police officers have been killed on the job in the past 70 years. Be the voice of reason in a “news” world of angst and doubt.

  • Refresh Your Creative

Make old new again—and again. Don emphasizes the importance of continuously updating your online appearance. Do not allow stagnation. Attention spans are shorter than ever thanks to photo boomerangs and other dizzying effects. With that pace, you need to refresh your creative pieces often. Keep it simple to ensure easy execution (or risk it getting lost in your to-do list). Repurpose previous content with minor tweaks to imagery or headings while working on your new creative firework. This keeps the sparks smoldering in between refreshes.

And …

For the spark that lights all these fires, connect with us. We are one of the fastest-growing, top-10 government marketing agencies in the U.S. We provide award-winning recruitment marketing, connecting dedicated individuals to the world of law enforcement.