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Driving Social Change via Marketing That Matters at JacobsEye: Through the Lens of Delano Massey

It isn’t often you find a marketing agency built on pillars of forgiveness, acceptance, courage and love. Add a specialization in law enforcement recruitment and you truly are in a class by yourself. Marketing That Matters, which grew from those pillars, is how we use well-cultivated talent to create a better world.

Our Beginnings

Delano Massey JacobsEye began as a content and production agency for the entertainment industry. “As we grew, our connections expanded to government contracting,” Delano said. “Through marketing public health communications and public safety initiatives, we realized the possibility of driving positive social change and creating a better world.” And so, JacobsEye expanded in new directions.

One of those directions became marketing recruitment for law enforcement agencies. JacobsEye’s proven track record shows the staff’s extensive understanding and expertise in helping law enforcement agencies and police departments recruit the best talent. “For us, success is seeing our work do good for the community– being impactful, meaningful and transformative,” Delano said. “That is what has led us to develop award-winning recruitment campaigns for organizations like the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. Air National Guard, U.S. Capitol Police and the Atlanta Police Department.”

Now, JacobsEye is on a mission, earning awards as the fastest-growing business in Atlanta and one of the fastest-growing top-10 government marketing agencies in the U.S. “To us, the wow factor is not about our fast expansion but rather how we are expanding,” Delano said. “Being successful at marketing is impressive. However, being successful at marketing to cultivate positive social change is the standard by which we measure our success.”

Positive Impact: Live It, Breathe It

When asked about goals, Delano shared his aspiration of being “the most impactful marketing agency in the world.” Through marketing messages that matter, JacobsEye is well on its way. With a diverse portfolio of clients, including the federal, state and local governments, there are plenty of opportunities to promote goodness in the world. Yet, how does one measure such an abstract goal?

According to Delano, the measurement is in the knowledge: Know you are living your best life and helping others do the same. “That’s the most you can do—and that has maximum impact,” he said.

“We help solve issues of today’s world by promoting awareness—of programs, initiatives, opportunities,” Delano said, referencing how to make an impact. “Helping one person can lead to helping a community.” 

Delano noted how his military background contributes to JacobsEye’s successful law enforcement campaigns. Through that experience, he saw the value of a life dedicated to protection and service. In the military, Delano learned everything from how to carry a weapon to how to craft powerful messages that resonate with the individuals you want in law enforcement. 

Being able to reach the masses comes with the responsibility to create organic goodness in the world. Delano and the rest of our JacobsEye team lives and breathes to generate positive impact. Our mission is to inspire others to achieve their potential through Marketing That Matters.