Air National Guard

Air National GuardCLIENTUnited States Air Force- Air National GuardSERVICESBranding, Experiential, Advertising,Air National GuardWhat Matters If the Air National Guard does not reach its recruiting goals for critical positions the security of the United States is compromised and the ANG will not have the resources to help Americans during emergencies Challenge The primary challenge with this [...]

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Centers for Disease Control and PreventionCLIENTCenters for Disease Control and PreventionSERVICESContent Development, Public Relations, Social Media, Advertising, Experiential.Centers for Disease Control and PreventionWhat Matters People in rural areas and specific ethnic groups in major metro areas are disproportionately at risk to contract type 2 diabetes in their lifetimes. Challenge JacobsEye worked with the CDC to [...]

Fulton County Schools Text4Help

Fulton County Schools Text4Help ProgramClientFulton County (GA) School DistrictServicesBranding, Poster Art, Social Media, VideoFulton County Schools Text4Help ProgramWhat Matters Fulton County schools are encountering a mental health crisis among students, and the county's Text4Help service is a unique program that confidentially connects affected students to a licensed psychiatrist. However, it has suffered from a lack [...]

Steve Harvey Mentorship Program

Steve Harvey Mentorship ProgramSERVICESBranding, Experiential, Advertising,Steve Harvey Mentorship ProgramWhat Matters It's vital that all young adults are skilled in leadership and personal responsibility. Possessing that knowledge will prepare them for successful lives as they make their way in the world. Challenge The goal was to help at-risk youth develop leadership skills and teach personal responsibility. [...]

LA One Million Trees

LA One Million TreesClientLA CountyServicesBranding, Experiential, Event Coordination LA One Million TreesWhat Matters Maintaining a healthy environment is critical to a creating a sustainable future for our children, and our natural world is a key part of making that future a reality. Challenge We partnered with the City of Los Angeles to implement a comprehensive [...]

That’s Not Cool

That's Not CoolCLIENTThe National Institute for HealthSERVICESBranding, Experiential, Advertising,That's Not Cool - Anti-Bullying CampaignWhat Matters Online bullying has risen to near epidemic levels and has become a national crisis, with countless students suffering extreme emotional stress and even succumbing to suicide. Challenge The National Institute for Health approached JacobsEye to create a campaign which targeted [...]


Coca-ColaClientCoca-Cola Company - 100th Anniversary BottleServicesBranding, Design, Mobile DesignCoca-ColaWhat Matters The 100th anniversary of Coca-Cola's iconic contour bottle was a perfect opportunity for the company and the community to support inner-city youth programs and after-school activities. Challenge JacobsEye's mission was to generate awareness for the anniversary of Coca-Cola's famous bottle and their effort to raise [...]

Truth Anti-Smoking

Truth Anti-Smoking CampaignCLIENTTruth OrganizationSERVICESBranding, Experiential, Advertising,Truth Anti-Smoking CampaignWhat Matters In the early parts of the 2000's, teen use of tobacco was on the rise. Starting to smoke before the age of 16 increases the likelihood of continuing into adulthood by over 300%. This dramatically increases the risk of cancer and heart disease and reduces life [...]

GA Seafood Fest

GA Seafood FestSERVICESBranding, Experiential, Advertising,Georgia Seafood FestivalChallenge JacobsEye is a proud Georgia-based agency and we love opportunities to give back to our great state.  Just such an opportunity came about in the form of a festival to celebrate Georgia's diverse culinary tradition and rich fishing industry history.  We conceived the Georgia Seafood Festival, a celebration [...]